Campus and Facilities

Campus Overview

The main building is four storeys tall and is in an area of 1700 square meters. The college garden covers 1000 square meters and is used by students and staff alike. The classrooms and labs are listed below:

  • 21 classrooms with capacities ranging from 25 to 60
    • All equipped whiteboards and video projectors
  • 7 labs with a capacity of 30 and are for the use of the Art and Architecture department in the following disciplines
    • Photography
    • Graphics and design
    • Painting
    • Etc.
  • 5 computer sites with all the necessary equipment
  • Room for lecturers
  • Archive room
  • A small library

The garden area is for students to relax in between classes. There is also a small shop that offers tea/coffee, confectionary and of course lunch every day with reasonable prices for everyone to enjoy.

IT Infrastructure and Equipment

The college has all the necessary equipment that can be used by students and lecturers to further their study and teaching. The list of equipment is as follows:

  • Internet
    • All sites are connected to the Internet via a wired network. Students and staff can also benefit from our WIFI, which has been set up and is accessible throughout the college.
  • Audio/Video
    • Most classrooms and all sites are equipped with video projectors and can be used by lecturers in classes
    • Multiple networked TVs throughout the college building that can be used for various announcements
    • CD and DVD players for educational and other relevant uses
    • Digital cameras and camcorders used in labs and for other relevant purposes
    • Microphone (and stands) and tannoy system used for announcements
    • CCTV for security reasons
  • Computer equipment
    • Around 100 Desktop PCs within sites
    • A few laptops and tablets used by lecturers and staff
    • Printing, photocopy and scan services for students and staff, including colour and bulk printing
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